In order to provide you with the best service, the most beneficial advice and all the advantages
that are available to you through me and my network, I will make sure:
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At all times:

  • To identify the location, type of property, key features and environment that best meets your needs;
  • To support you throughout the purchasing process;
  • To ensure that the required transactions will be carried out in accordance with the Real Estate Brokerage Act and other applicable laws;
  • To put at your disposal, my network of professionals and specialists who will facilitate the purchase of your property.
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In the very first stages of the service contract we will have entered into:

  • To identify in addition to the cost of ownership, moving and installation costs, transfer taxes, applicable taxes when purchasing a new property, professional services, travel expenses to the workplace and other foreseeable expenses to be considered in assessing the total cost of acquisition;
  • To determine the type of property that suits you (single-family, condo, etc.), to choose between new, existing or «fixer-upper» and the essential features that the desired property should have;
  • To take note of your selection criteria in order to reproduce them in the search engines available and therefore be able to present you the corresponding properties as well as those that will be added as they become available on the market.
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In the very first steps of searching for properties in one potential sector or more:

  • To identify the preferred sector(s) according to your needs and to carry out a comparative study of the latest properties sold in your sector;
  • To submit, in order to guide your choices, an analysis of market trends in the sector(s), including average prices, selling timeframes, differences between listing prices and actual prices sold, etc.;
  • To inform you about the socio-economic profile of the sector;
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Once we have identified a property for which you wish to submit a promise to purchase :

  • To understand clearly and correctly assess the information contained on the listing sheet and in the seller’s declaration.
  • To consider the various factors that can influence the value of the desired property: location, zoning, year of construction and renovations, materials, amenities, outbuildings, etc.;
  • To consider the contributory value of the various factors that can influence the value of the desired property: garage, swimming pool, fireplace, type of heating, etc.
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When you are ready to make a commitment to buy a property that meets your criteria:

  • To find out about the legal situation of the sellers and its impact on their ability to sell: matrimonial regime, corporation, identity check, etc.;
  • To read and inform you of all the documentation relating to the property: deed of sale, mortgage rights, property registries, building charges, certificate of location, declaration of coownership, building regulations, description of the unit and contingency fund, in order to provide a summary description of the property;
  • To obtain and share with you information and/or documents such as tax bills, zoning and usage, limitations, servitudes, etc.;
  • To inform you that there has not been any inappropriate use of the property (cultivation of cannabis or other adverse factors that may affect your interest in or the value of the property);
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When submitting a first offer to purchase:

  • To write a promise to purchase that includes all the necessary details to meet your requirements and needs;
  • To inform you of the aspects to be considered in calculating the amounts you will be required to disburse, such as: moving expenses, improvements and installations, etc.;
  • To advise you on the choice of inclusions and inform you of the obligations that will apply to them, and to identify what is included in the default inclusions;
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At the time of negotiating any offer to purchase or counter-proposal:

  • To determine a negotiation strategy, which will ultimately strike a balance between reaching a fair price and maintaining the parties’ interest;
  • To consider your requirements regarding the purchase price sought, the main conditions and the desired date of possession;
  • To explain, in simple terms, the conditions for carrying out the purchase transaction and the timeframe proposed by the sellers. In the case of multiple offers received by the sellers, to emphasize the advantages of your offer;
  • To opt for a timeline that will meet your needs and priorities as well as manage them;
  • To present your promise to purchase as well as to defend your interests personally throughout the negotiation process;
  • To ensure a close follow-up in order to obtain prompt lifting of all conditions contained in the promise to purchase and, in particular, the conditions relating to both your ability to pay the agreed upon amount and to the inspection of the property.
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At the time of inspection of the property:

  • To make qualified inspectors available to you so that one of them can carry out a professional inspection of the desired property;
  • To be present and available to answer any questions;
  • To read the inspection report and make recommendations and, if necessary, obtain additional expert advice.
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Upon signing at the notary’s office

  • To be present and available, to read the documentation and make recommendations, if necessary, or to answer any questions;
  • To check the date of vacating the property and the date of possession;